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Our focus is creating new habits and learning better ways to hold ourselves accountable. The choice is up to you.  Everyone has different goals but we all have to push hard to get to them.  We work with you to establish your personal goals and we will set milestones to hitting them.  Having a Coach to guide you with a tested plan, motivate you, and hold you accountable makes the difference.

The movements we will be doing will be standard functional fitness movements which will only increase in intensity as your body, strength, and mobility will allow.  Barbell can be added to increase the strength portion of the movements if desired.  You will have the option to learn how to flip tires, swing hammers, push and drag sleds, properly throw sandbags, perform box jumps or step ups, kettlebell swings, wallballs, and effective dumbbell workouts.  There will be bodyweight workouts a plenty but everyone wants to feel better and move better without pain and exhaustion.  This is where we learn its not just possible but how, with the proper form, you can go far beyond what you thought was possible.

See real change and develop great new habits. And look HELLA good doing it with our new and expanded branded line of clothing. We're excited to bring this gear to you and want you to wear it cause we love our community.

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